Top 5 Christmas Eve Traditions

By on December 24, 2015

We basically try to do the same couple of things every year to keep up the family traditions. Well, with there being a little addition to the family, the past couple of years have been an adjustment on our normal Christmas Eve plans. None the less we have managed to keep some of the fun and wonderful family traditions going.

1. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Marathon

You cannot go wrong with this plan. We usually have these movies playing in the background seeing as they are all about 3 hours long…EACH! Bilbo and his dwarf buddies tackling adventures in the Middle Earth wilderness should make you want to snuggle up in a blanket and enjoy the cold weather. However, living in Texas we do not always get that snowy chilly weather you see on Instagram. Right now it’s 77 degrees outside and the water is beautiful. We can still pretend though. Just try adjusting your AC unit to “Blizzard” and imagine being snowed in. Only for holidays because no one wants to see that bill next month.

2. Coffee & Hot Chocolate All Day

And here are the cheat days. This is where we allow ourselves to indulge in copious amounts of coffee and hot chocolate (for the little ones) all throughout the day. The rule is: Everything goes good with coffee. Hello breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, elevensies, dinner, and supper. I suppose you know about those. Try switching up the flavors, I do.

3. Christmas Eve Dinner 

Our dinner usually consists of a Christmas Ham decorated in pineapples, brown sugar, and cherries. This year, due to a switch in life plans, we are a little constricted on our budget for Christmas Eve Dinner. Our meal will be of the “what-do-we-have-in-the-pantry-that’s-festive” type. No worries, I’ve made our pennies stretch before. Baby A will be feasting on deliciousness regardless of what the typical Christmas Eve Dinner may be. Having it on this day instead of Christmas itself allows us more time to play with our gifts, duh.

4. Christmas Music All Day

Well, this is one is pretty self explanatory. Christmas music, in all of its variations, will be filling our home all day long. If anything else is played during this time, said perpetrator is to be sentenced to dish duty for the next two days. Marla, The Enforcer, will see to it that all dog bowls will be filled to the brim all day as well.  Don’t touch my radio. Or my iPhone. Spotify love strong.

5. Christmas Cookies

All hail the infamous Christmas Cookies!!!!! These vary from sugar to triple chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Yeah, that’s not a typo. Those sinful chocolate cookies are one of Big Red’s favorites. We bake cookies for Santa so that he may devour them in mass and bring us delightful presents for the little one. This is a full proof plan.

Hopefully these traditions continue in the future and may inspire others to start their own. Have a lovely day!