New Year Insight

By on December 31, 2015

The year has flown by and so many new things are ahead for all of us. This is the time people usually make a lengthy list of unrealistic new year resolutions for themselves. Let’s be honest, half the crap you write down isn’t going to happen. They are just ideas we wrote down hoping we could change ourselves in a year’s time. How about we improve ourselves rather than try to change who we are. Okay, so maybe you’re not trying to change who you are but writing down thirty something odd things you will “do completely different” seems a bit strenuous. At least to me anyway. Let’s try using and practicing the word “improve” this time.

I am going to improve my eating habits.

Start small. Make your goal tangible. Let’s say you find the true love in being vegan, then good for you! Go and eat your heart out with those delicious foods! And if you find that pizza is still your soulmate on those lonely nights, but you just don’t hang out that often anymore…that’s cool too, bro! At least you made an adjustment to improve your eating habits. And guess what, I bet you got some type of results also. All I’m saying is that if you make your resolutions reachable then you’re more likely to feel good about yourself and stick with them. It worked in my case.

I wanted to travel more and try new things outside of reading “The Hobbit” over and over. (Nothing wrong with that. But even Bilbo got out of the house to explore…hmm?) Howard and I decided to do one new thing a month. This one thing had to be something we had never done before. A new adventure every month! I am proud to say that we met that mark every single month. (I’ll give myself a pat on the back for this one.) I think this year we will continue the tradition. The idea is fun, interesting, and adventurous. The best part is…you get to follow us this year.

Now, if you will please raise your glasses full of whatever deliciousness you are consuming at the moment. A toast to a new year full of adventure seeking and family living! *clink*