Smells Like Saltwater

By on January 1, 2016

Well, here we are. The big move! The leap has been made. Mama bear, baby chunk, and I took the head first dive into the unknown called life and are loving every second of it. Now we weren’t transferred for work or won some kind of one-in-a-lifetime lottery here. We wanted this and decided, yes, decided to come here. This has been a long time dream of ours to be by the water and we didn’t want to retire here, we wanted to live here.

Adjustments. Yeah, there’s been a few. Some good, some great. I find myself loving the efficiency of a smaller city. Outings that used to take us 1 or 2 hours are now 30 minutes. Everywhere we go isn’t jammed packed so much that it ends up deterring you from the experience. People are friendly, laid-back, and not high-strung on their daily mocha latte double-shot with extra whip.

The views are amazing! And not just the obvious beach, sand, and water. You can feel the history of the town. The structure of the roadways, aging abandoned businesses, and local neighborhood homes have a certain visual stimulant to them that invites appreciation for the varieties of culture. I love the feeling of driving through a part of town that is completely reliant on small mom-and-pop shops or being able to tell what year a home was constructed based on its layout.

Home life is a blessing. When your alarm clock is replaced by a palm tree in the wind and crowded freeways are now a relaxing commute along the bay, you’re happy. When you’re held in such high regards at a new job after only months of employment, you’re happy. When your beautiful wife has the rare opportunity to stay home to protect, raise, and nourish the little one, you’re happy.

I am happy.