Making Things Even More Simple

By on January 17, 2016

We have discussed simplifying our lives in length and now it is time to act. Howard and I have decided to make things easier by selling both of our vehicles and buying one cash car. We are looking for a vehicle that will get the whole family from point A to point B safely and efficiently. Okay, so maybe not efficiently since we are looking for a vehicle that will tow a small boat. There are many Jeep Wranglers out there which have caught our attention and it seems to be the way we are leaning.

When we first decided to get rid of all things negative in our lives it really seemed like a hopeful plan. You know, one of those ideas you think you could do if you really had to, but never would because we all find excuses. There were no more excuses. If we wanted to live simpler lives then we had to get rid of a lot of debt. Sure we could afford the payments and then some, but were we really happy knowing I owe someone a huge chunk of my money for the next 5 years? No, we weren’t happy at all. It made more sense to trade in everything for a life we wanted for our daughter and ourselves. Leaving most material items behind felt empowering in a way. The power to say NO to many things really inspired us to keep going. Bits and pieces of our previous furnishings were sold or donated which left us with little to move down here.

I will say that moving and minimizing our lives has created happier souls.