Local Coffee Competition

By on January 25, 2016

We are regular Starbucks visitors. Not that we HAVE to go there everyday at the same time or all hell will break lose, but we treat ourselves here and there. That is until we’ve just recently discovered Stinger’s Coffee.

Now when we first moved here we noticed this place. This city has a great collection of small businesses so I’m sure we’ll be exploring most of them. I cannot comment on the decor because we’ve actually never been inside this joint, but that’s because we normally stop by when we are driving around and our tiny one is already asleep in the car. Parents have to make time for mini-dates and we do a pretty good job at timing them out just right.

All I’m saying is since trying their coffee for the first time we have not been back to Starbucks. This is our new spot. When we try new spots I always try to get something they’re known for and then dive into the menu next go around. White mocha is where it’s at. Hits the spot every time.

I enjoy that they don’t just pack it full of sugar to make it way sweeter than it needs to be as to cover up the fact they can’t make a good cup of coffee. I also love when my counterpart is as excited about it as I am. When I look over and see her two tiny hands wrapped around the cup and a smile on her face I’m like, “Yup! This is it. Put it on the list.”


January 19, 2016

January 25, 2016