Returning From Life

By on March 14, 2016

There are times when life truly sweeps you away. Living by the water definitely has a calming sense for your everyday stress. Whenever I get that feeling of being overwhelmed I think to myself, “I live here. A and I can go to the beach whenever we want.” and it relaxes me almost instantaneously. The past couple of weeks have been challenging and amazing at the same time. Now it is time to get back on schedule. Time for the update:

Reading Challenge:

If you are following me on Goodreads then you know by now I am two books behind on my 2016 Reading Challenge (50 books). Funny thing, I was actually about 4 books behind and then caught up once I received my new Kindle Paperwhite! That little gem boosted my reading speed to a bazillion (Yes, that’s a number in my book.) by allowing me to read in the car, while A takes a nap some days, when A watches cartoons in my lap, at the beach, and at night while everyone is asleep. That’s how I was able to read so many books in a few days. Now, I did but a few of my books on a waiting list because I decided to take on the Middle Earth March Challenge. This fun challenge is for me to read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy by the end of March. At the beginning I was off to a late start because I didn’t hear about the challenge until later in the week. However, I am trying my best to finish up the last pages of The Hobbit and complete LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring by Wednesday of this week. So far I am right on track. I also promised myself a little gift if I could pull this off. 😉 [UPDATE: Not going to happen. I guess I just couldn’t schedule in enough time to read. I’m sorry. Maybe next year.]

Photo Challenge:

I am sorry to say that the 52 Week Photo Challenge fell through the cracks. I was having so much fun taking all the photos but most of them were with my 35mm camera! There wasn’t enough time to get film developed every week so I decided to scrap that project. I will continue to take pictures of my time spent living here because I can’t ignore the beauty that surrounds me here.