Missing Igloo

By on July 29, 2016

This may not seem like much of a story, but let me explain how this household deals with “strange” happenings.

Every day when Papa Bear comes home, Baby A runs to him saying, “Water! Water!” and grabs the water jug from his hands. She pretends to struggle lifting the empty jug because she always hears us grunting when it’s full. Yesterday, the same scenario happened and Baby A played with the water jug for a while and then it was left in her room. Now, this morning we are all downstairs searching for this darn thing before Papa Bear is late for work. The water jug is nowhere to be found. NOWHERE! Naturally we assume the item has been misplaced and we’re just overlooking. The three of us scour the entire house for this Igloo water jug because we should have found it by now. Just for reference, here is a picture of said jug*:


*The one we own is actually red and black. (stock photo from

We looked under the couch and in cabinets and I’m in the middle of the room yelling, “Things don’t just disappear or vanish! There is a logical explanation for this!” A little back story tidbit is I made it a point that if I ever cried “GHOST” we better get out of this house. See this family will believe the Toy Story theory before a supernatural being playing tricks on us. After looking everywhere we gave up and Howard left for work. I continued to search for a couple minutes while imagining myself as the water jug and thinking, “I’m right here! Oh will they every find me!?” Baby A finally pulled my hand signaling to sit on the couch. I curl up with her and OMG!!! There it is! No way! We checked there!


Don’t you just love the SnapChat quality photo? Then it must be true…

We totally looked there underneath the coffee table! I couldn’t believe it…and then again I could. My idea was that when we checked under everything we looked so hard our brain really wanted to find it in the position we thought it would be in, but since it was upright and in plain view we did not see that it was in our peripheral view the whole time. Howard’s theory was time travel. -_-  He believed one of us time traveled to play a joke on ourselves and forgot to place the item back where we originally left it, thus making ourselves believe that we had misplaced such item. OR, there was a glitch in the matrix. Either of those theories sound more interesting than my logical explanation.  Science and logic….that’s so 2050.

But don’t get this family started on time travel and The Matrix…