We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues!

By on August 9, 2016

Okay, so not really. Baby A is watching an episode while I work to answer emails and sign contracts. There has been a hold on posting and uploading items because Howard and I are working on purchasing a house. The whole process has been insane and it really has consumed all of our free time. Going into this we had an idea of what we wanted and how the process was supposed to flow, however, the situation made a turn when we saw a particular house. Once we stepped inside we knew this was it and by the outside you could tell it was going to be funky. Just our style! And guess what!? It’s actually close to a friend! Now we’re not miles and miles away from civilization. (We’re actually weren’t. That’s just me being dramatic.)
The big kicker is… we get to renovate it!! OH MY ASDFJKL!! I get to pretend I’m Joanna Gaines! (Yeah, I wish!) We will actually be doing renovations in stages throughout the home and hopefully I get to document most of the process. We’re so excited!