Happy Fall Y’all!

By on October 5, 2016

Small life update:
We have finally moved into the new house and are beginning renovations! It has been one heck of a trip and there is so much more ahead of us in the upcoming months. Our local Blue and Orange are going to be loving us and our wallet. Most of the work will be done by us and our handy-dandy bros ($$) from a neighboring town. I will try to link everything we use in the posts and keep checking back for more updates. (I like to rant, yo.)

Now on to the warm and fuzzy rant part of this post. It is finally Autumn! It is finally October! I am so excited for this time of year that I went a little pumpkin crazy. I begged Howard to buy the first pumpkin of the season weeks ago because our daughter loves those babies. Of course, he comes home with a good sized pumpkin and A decides to lift it up for a hug and then rolls it across the carpet. No seeds were released, but the poor guy did get a good bump on the ol’ pumpkinhead. (Eh, eh! *elbows*) The next time we went to Blue I may have picked up six “addictional” pumpkins. We have not been to a pumpkin patch this year! Actually, since we moved there won’t be one close by for a couple of miles…and miles. We are also lacking in the Starbucks department so home brewed coffee will be my escape this fall season.

Oh, and just a heads up…the mosquito population is insane in our backyard! When I say that I mean INSANE and I must have that sweet blood because they love to get all up in my face. No amount of bug spray will keep them away and I truly believe they are a genetically modified form of super mosquito. And they hurt almost as bad as stepping on of my daughter’s Legos. We have battled them since the beginning and now I am looking forward to much colder weather to freeze those jerks out. In the meantime, our family enjoys watching dragonflies dive-bomb for their food. Have a great day! 😉 (Google “what dragonflies eat”…savage.)