(Not) Flying Through Kid Room Renovations 

By on October 26, 2016

Originally we hired and completely paid (insert eye roll here) someone to retexture and paint one of our extra bedrooms. Labor for the walls and ceiling was included in this fee and we also paid for the supplies separately. Something that should have taken a weekend ended up being stretched out across three weeks. Of course, the occasional water leak and AC problems popped up (None of this having any affect on someone being able to finish a job.) and prompted Howard and I to switch our focus on more important issues. The room was never completed by the workers and that’s okay because we finished it up ourselves. Well, almost.

We’re still in the process of working on the windows and floor boards, but I am in love with how A’s room is coming along! The walls were an aged avocado green and the baseboards were breaking apart in tiny pieces. The floors are in good condition but I think we are probably going to refinish them at some point which is why we held off on the shoe moldings. There are many more little items to address but for right now…I FREAKING LOVE IT! (Please excuse the messy floor and bed…)







I’m also thinking of making her nightstand look like it has a marble top, but I’m not sure how well it will look in a kid’s room. I found this cool contact paper on Amazon and figured I would try using it on top to give the nightstand a marbled effect. We shall see how all of that DIY goes since I’m not a crafty person…AT ALL. No joke.