By on November 1, 2016

For the past couple of weeks I have been donating so many items that were just sitting in my closet collecting dust. I ask myself if I need it. I ask myself if it brings me joy. I ask myself if it serves a purpose. I ask myself if I can live without the item. Once I ¬†answer all of the questions I toss or keep the item. Before the cull my closet was filled with articles of clothing I only kept for memories. It’s just clothes. I don’t need to hold on to it because I wore it once when we got ice cream. The items I did end up keeping are pretty much all black, white, or grey. I have only a few pairs of shoes which include black rain boots. Everything was donated because I don’t feel as if I needed to resell anything…and because I’m too lazy to go through that. Let someone else enjoy the nice clothes. I hope someone at the woman’s shelter comes across my old work clothes and enjoys them as much as I once did. I hope the shoes give someone else that boost of confidence they gave me. I wanted to simplify my life a little more. After moving from place to place these past years, I realized how much stuff we had accumulated. The cost of holding on to everything was more than if I were to just get rid of the items, however much their worth. I realized they served no purpose, did not make me happy, and I could easily live without them. So far I think Howard and I have given away a whole truck load of clothes at least. This house will not be littered with knick knacks! That is my goal! I am horrible with plants. I forget to dust. And I hate when tables and counters just become a place to put shit. Howard is loving this phase I’m going through. Usually he’s the one asking me if we can throw something away. But the feeling of letting go is amazing! I can’t explain how weightless the new house feels. (If that makes any sense.) Holiday decorations are limited and now fit in one storage bin! I know! Quality over quantity. The only thing I am allowing myself to keep are the books I’ve collected over the years. But even those will be sorted through and donated. I use my Kindle Paperwhite for most of my new books and anything I wish to have a physical copy of I use Thriftbooks. It’s all a work in progress, but I am so proud of how much I have learned to let go. I am proud of myself.

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    November 4, 2016

    Love the phase you are going through! Cleaning out, donating, knowing you can live a great life with far less “stuff” is freeing. As we mature and grow, we realize life’s value can not be found in the things we own but rather the people we share our lives with. Cheers!

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      November 7, 2016

      It really is such a great feeling!