Mosquitoes, Dirt, & Computers

By on November 18, 2016

We had about three days of cold weather then the mosquitoes came back in swarms. There was a lovely breeze coming through the windows and then there were flies swarming over the poop trash can. Just when I thought I could go outside and enjoy my coffee, the rain came and washed that fantasy away. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain. I love the way rain sounds on old windows and tin roofs. It’s what happens after that gets me frustrated. The rain will come and go leaving behind a wonderful smell of wet grass and dirt. (I love this smell!) Then the sun comes out and heats everything up making the perfect combination for mosquitoes to arrive en masse. Anytime we leave the house we are attacked by large amounts of these annoying insects. Are they insects? Now is the time to plan and set up my defenses for next year.

As we work outside more and continue to move forward with room renovations, I find it impossible to keep the wood floor clean. Every day I find myself sighing as I step on some unseen dirt and dust pile floating across the floor. It does not matter how often I sweep, vacuum, or mop the floors, they will not stay dust free. This Christmas the only thing I ask for is a Roomba type vacuum to help out around the house. I’m also going to enforce a “take-off-your-shoes” rule. Shoes will be placed in the foyer and back door. No more wandering the house with dusty and dirty sneakers. (Who says “sneakers” anymore? I must be getting old.) I will build a shoe rack if I have to in order to keep the dirt and grime isolated. The couch is probably going to be sold as well. Reason being because the couch does not sit directly on the floor so anything that rolls is drawn into the abyss…aka “the-space-under-the-couch-just-out-of-arms-reach”. I love the couch and would keep it if I could figure out the dust problem, but for now he is in limbo.

Now speaking of  selling and getting rid of things…we’ve decided to sell our desktop computer. Looking back I see why we bought it to begin with, but we just don’t need it anymore. By selling the desktop we will make more space because the large desk becomes obsolete. No large desk means the office is now an actual guest room. Do you see where I am going with this? Look friends, now you can sleep on a real bed instead of our large leather couch! (Although I heard our first green grandma couch was the most comfiest of all. RIP) The desktop computer was originally purchased because we needed an upgrade to edit videos, blog posts, and games. But as time passed we used it less and less because of the location. I felt isolated every time I needed to use the computer. Shut up in a different room across the whole house make it harder to concentrate. We would fire up our old laptops to work just so we would have to be in different rooms. I know this probably sounds weird but I can focus better when it’s not too quiet. Yes! That’s a good way to put how it felt. The room was too quiet and too far that we found ourselves texting each other to see if we were okay or needed anything. Anyway, no more desktop because we are converting to just one family laptop.

Most of the time we donate but on certain pieces it makes sense to sell. You know…couches, shelves, desks, TVs, computer, & DSLR cameras. I know, we’re getting rid of a lot. The whole process has been freeing. We never realized how many things we don’t use. And that’s it, they are things. We keep useless items around because in the moment we think we need them or they may serve a purpose in the future. No more clutter. This makes me happy. Well, this and tacos. šŸ™‚