Truck and Universe Balance 

By on November 21, 2016

Over the weekend we made a huge decision…we traded in my car for a truck. The original plan was to buy some type of SUV but we figured hauling supplies would be easier done with a full sized truck. I’m surprised A lasted that long in the dealership without throwing a fit. By the end she was so tired she felt asleep on the way home. When we arrived back home we realized the router was completely off. All of the outlets in our living and dining rooms do not work. So our TV, internet, and computer were out of commission until Howard hooked them up elsewhere in the house. See, we can never have one good thing happen without something else going wrong. Just now I was able to get A down for a nap easy and then the neighbor’s dog sees a utility worker and won’t stop barking. I can hear her moving  around through the monitor. I’m hoping our dogs don’t get excited and start barking. Never mind.