Mouse Probs

By on November 22, 2016

Last night was a fun little adventure. A was asleep in her room and it was time for the rest of us to chill on the couch. Howard and I are watching TV and out of the corner of my eye I see something grey scurry across the floor. For a second I doubt myself and don’t say anything because there was a chance I may have been wrong. I decided to wake Howard up and we went to inspect. Sure enough the little mouse was running around in our dining room. So now we have a mouse problem to deal with. That’s okay because we knew when we bought the house that it came with a whole bunch of critters. This explains why we have so many cats hanging around outside. We are not cat people, but if they keep the mice at bay, they can stay. Although we will not be responsible if a cat jumps the fence into the backyard and Chubs rips it to shreds. He’s always waiting. Good and dependable Chubs is also pretty good at hunting rats and squirrels. A few weeks ago he cornered a rat in the back yard and ten minutes later it was dead. And just recently he took down a squirrel from the big oak tree. Whatever Chubs kills, Sookie tries to sneak it in the house. Good! So now I have the front and back yards covered once we barricade the house with mouse traps. If it’s not termites, it’s mice. šŸ™‚

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    Richard Judy

    October 8, 2017

    Mice take their chances, don’t they? If they survive, more power to them. But if they don’t, their organic molecules are welcome to be beneficially dispersed back into the cosmos. Pretty much inevitable for all us I’m thinkin’. Stay vertical and keep walkin’!