These F’n Mice

By on December 1, 2016

We are dealing with some type of highly intelligent mouse. Neo, if you will. The Chosen One. Sent out into the world to destroy others. Yesterday I put out sticky pad mouse traps and this morning I discovered one of them was missing. At first I thought the mouse might have knocked it out of the way but it was completely missing. Howard pulled the washer and dryer away from the wall and there was the entry location in all of its glory. We temporarily patched the hole with duct tape until we actually start work in the room. The area was sprayed, cleaned, and detailed so we will know if they try to sneak back in. Poor Marla has been fighting them off since the beginning. I think the other dogs have made friends with the mice since none of them bark at night. This is unusual because our dogs hear everything. Someone can close a car door three blocks over and they start going crazy. It’s a good to know these pups are always on guard except when it comes to the friendly mouse living in our house. Out of everything that has happened I’m most curious about where that mouse trap is hidden…

OH and Hello December!