Of Course This Happens…

By on December 6, 2016

We’ve put down mouse traps in the main rooms we’ve seen signs of mice. Last night we heard chewing in the walls and thumping upstairs. We went around the house checking for signs and found some droppings in my closet and the laundry room again. I know for a fact that those droppings were not there 30 minutes prior to us searching. So today we will put out even more traps and this weekend Howard is going to search the perimeter of the house for entry spots. No wonder we have so many cats hanging out on our porch.

Now this morning I went to turn the hot water on to wash a dish and the water was freezing cold. I figured a couple of seconds and it should warm up. NOPE!! So I ran the shower on hot for a few minutes and still the water is ice cold. Of course the second it gets cold our hot water heater goes out. I mean, I know it’s old and everything but come on. It wasn’t like it was working super hard to heat up water all day. Oh wait, that’s exactly what it does. And it’s been doing that for many years. Forget my complaint about it. I’m just bitter about the time of the thing going out.

Overall we have a lot to invest in this Christmas. I’m glad we bought most of A’s gifts ahead of time. What a wonderful Christmas this will be! And that’s not sarcasm. I’m actually not mad or stressed out at all. It happens and it’s situations like this why you even have an emergency fund. It’s part of life and life is great. Plus, aren’t cold showers supposed to be beneficial to your health?

15:28 UPDATE: ¬†We found out that there was so much corrosion on the hot water heater that we needed to replace it. Well we order one from Lowe’s and it says online that they install them. That’s not true. Apparently our Lowe’s doesn’t do that. WHATEVER. So we call a plumber to do the job. More $$$ out of our pockets. Then after walking around the house and trying to put A down for a nap, I notice more droppings. Those little bastards are bold enough to venture around during the day! I’d had it by that time so I just called an exterminator to kill the damned things. I’m so over trying to be nice to the rodents trying to take over my house. Jerks.


December 6, 2016

December 8, 2016