I’ve Requested Back Up

By on December 10, 2016

Due to recent daytime sightings I’ve had to call in reinforcements. Chubs, while very successful at his job, has decided to go on a hiatus and not catch anymore mice. I believe he enjoys spending his days now curled up in a warm blanket rather than chasing mice in the freezing rain. The exterminator stopped by yesterday and set a whole variety of traps throughout the house to capture these pests. After he left I promptly put A down for a nap and on my way down the stairs I hear something scurry across the floor and into the wall and then a trap goes off. I check all the traps and I don’t see anything. I’m not sure how many traps were laid out and set but it’s possible the mouse took it with him when it went off. So the day goes by and our friend visits and we’re all joking about the mouse in the house when we hear a trap being triggered. Everyone’s eyes widen and we all smile. Being guys they rush underneath the stair case to see if the little mouse has been caught. Surprisingly enough the mouse was not caught in the trap and was not little either.

Look at the size of that tail! INSANE! Those small traps aren’t going to catch this beast! So it’s just sitting there and they guys shoot it with a pellet gun (Because you know, they’re guys.) hoping it’s injured enough to where it can’t run away. They then proceed to try and capture it with a mini trash can and my meat tongs. While they try this method of capture the mouse succeeds in making the worlds slowest getaway. So the mouse is still running around through our walls and feasting on whatever it can find and stealing my babies toys. We found a block from her toy chest and a blue counting bear from the living room. I bet these things are the ones that took her “missing” Shopkins. So now we wait for something to be caught. I feel like they’re mocking us. “Silly humans thinking these traps will take us out.”


December 8, 2016

December 13, 2016