Merry Christmas From The Dead Rats

By on December 25, 2016

Our house smells like rotting rat carcasses dipped in a caramel brûlée latte. -_- I guess the poison worked and we now have dead rats decaying in our walls. The especially stinky one is located right below A’s bedroom so we’ve been airing out that portion of the house all day. Besides all that stank going on, our Christmas was lovely. As a parent I’m always keeping an eye out for little things A might like. I try to keep things simple and only buy items she actually needs or ones I know she will play with. I then store them in a closet somewhere for future surprises and what not. I honestly forgot how much I had bought throughout the past few months. A scored this year with her Shopkins and Tsum Tsum toys. I’m just glad she has a taste for cheap toys because Mama wasn’t breaking the bank for anything expensive to just sit in the toy box and collect dust. A great Christmas Day was celebrated in our home today. 🙂


December 16, 2016

December 26, 2016

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    December 25, 2016

    Oh no! I’ve got a similar problem in my garage. Thankfully, the smell goes away in a few days. Merry Christmas!

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      December 26, 2016

      You’re right, at least it’s only a few days of stench. 😀