Resolutions and the Violin

By on January 2, 2017

Now that the milk and cookie have been consumed it is time for the family to make a list of resolutions for the new year. Last year I did a reading challenge of 50 books and I didn’t quite hit that mark but I’m still proud of myself. I about thirty-four books in 2016 and that is insane considering the previous year I had only read a total of two. For the upcoming year I want to continue reading and also learn how to play the violin. I wanted a real challenge this year (You know besides parenting.) and I love the sound of the violin, so I promised myself I would practice hard. To be sure I really was serious I gave myself until the end of the year to study and give myself a refresher on reading music before purchasing a violin. Wow, I learned so much about violins that I had absolutely no idea how amazing they are. This will definitely be one of the hardest resolutions I’ve ever had to commit to. Let’s get started.


December 26, 2016

January 20, 2017

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    January 17, 2017

    I started lessons on the violin in 2003, and I loved it. Then I got pregnant, and I haven’t picked it up since my daughter was born. I hope you find a way to do it.

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      January 20, 2017

      It is definitely a challenge to balance practice time and Mom Life. I to try practice while the little one is napping and again at night when she goes to bed. Thankfully the sound doesn’t travel up the stairs to her room otherwise she would never get to sleep. Hahaha!