Winter Update

By on January 20, 2017

Winter weather only lasted one day here in Texas. There was a moment when the sun was out and the wind was blowing so cold our eyes were watering. Then just as suddenly as it arrived, the cold weather left. Now when I look outside it’s a bit deceiving because there are gloomy clouds hanging around all the leaves on the trees are brown and wilted. Once you actually step outside you will realize there is no breeze, 95% humidity,your sweater is now stuck to your body, and you hear the hum of mosquitoes headed in your direction. Texas weather. Yup. I’m holding out on planting anything for a while just because I feel we may get at least one last burst of cold coming through before Spring.

The rats are no longer making noise in the attic but the flies are now popping up everywhere. A few weeks ago I spotted a huge wasp chilling on a window. I’m not sure how he got in but the thing was a giant. I am not looking forward to having to knock down all the wasp nest and bee hives before this Spring. Oh that’s right, I didn’t mention we have a slight bee problem. Random bees have been hanging around the house whenever it warms up and we cannot figure out where they are coming from. The exterminator said he thinks they’re coming from a hive in our neighbor’s yard and if that’s the case then he can’t really do anything about it. And then there’s the time I found six lady bugs enjoying the warmth of our bedroom this winter. I swear someone told all the insects, rodents, and pests that our house is the place to be Thursday night.

I cannot wait to tear up the kitchen and replace everything. Goodbye almost-mold under the sink. Goodbye rat entrances. Goodbye ant trails. Hello retro fridge and many other items.

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    January 23, 2017

    I remember living in San Angelo, TX in 2000, and it snowed! It was so weird. Love living in the south and avoiding all of the bad snow even if it means we get the bugs.