Exploring the Backyard

By on February 8, 2017

I do not know where to begin. Our backyard has all sorts of odd things going on and I love it. The “harsh” weather is pretty much out of the way and it’s time to Spring Clean the whole property. As you can see, our garage/potting shed/spider infested apartment/creepy mini house/it really could be anything needs a bit of work, but until then we’re focusing on the landscaping around the structure. I have a couple of ideas and visions in mind for our outside space.

  • citrus trees (lemon, lime, grapefruit…)
  • avocado tree
  • pecan tree
  • level soil
  • re-sodding of the entire backyard
  • most heavy shrubs pulled up
  • new remaining privacy fence
  • hobbit/fairy garden
  • butterfly garden (we get TONS of butterflies)
  • rock garden around giant oak tree
  • cobblestone walkways

All of these are going to be done entirely by us. Pshh, I’m not paying someone to sprinkle some grass seed in my backyard. I managed to take a few pictures of bits of the yard and hopefully I can get a better idea of how to go about getting these projects started.

Below: These chili peppers came with the house. I’m not sure if they’re staying…although I do think they are adorable and have last through some pretty bad storms.

Below: I saw this bucket hanging out behind the tree and I couldn’t identify the pygmy date tree. I may or may not have dates growing in my backyard. If so, HECK YEAH! I’m keeping it. (The tree. Not the bucket.)

Below: Moving on to the mysterious back patio/sitting area. This may be pulled up and a garden added.

Below: The shed already has a window box and a tiny garden with a couple of aloe vera plants and a hibiscus tree. (might be dead)

Below: These died. We had one cold day and they couldn’t take it. They have since been pulled up.

Below: This next area has a neat curve to it and could possibly be the butterfly garden. It has potential. 🙂

Below: I’m not sure if that plant/tiny tree thing is an avocado tree…I sure hope it is!!

Below: I’m not sure what this odd ball type thing is. It’s about the size of a grapefruit but I’m afraid to touch it.

I’m really excited to start working on everything because finally I will be able to control the weed population…somewhat. I’ll definitely keep posting about the garden because I’m sure I’ll find more crazy things in our backyard.