Remembering Moments

By on February 23, 2017

More than anything I want to remember what it’s like to live. I’ve been recording video of our everyday adventures and I’m finally getting around to putting them together. We’ve done vlogs before but now I’m the one behind the camera and choose to do them a bit differently. This time around I wanted everything to be simple from filming, to editing, to our YouTube page. We can all get a bit caught up on how we want our videos to look perfect before we send them out for the world to see and critique/troll. I choose not to care too much, if at all. I thought about keeping everything private and maybe never showing anything more than what I post on my blog and Instagram, but I figured there may be someone out there who might enjoy watching moments of our life. The videos are kept fairly short because that’s all I need to take me back to those moments. We missed vlogging and this seemed like a less invasive compromise. Enjoy.