Citrus for Days

By on February 27, 2017

Over the weekend we finally completed (mostly) the side garden in our backyard. The old bricks were pulled up and new ones were laid to make a beautiful garden wall. The left portion will be azaleas (our backyard has tons of these) and the right side will be A’s butterfly and bee garden. I figured since I can’t get rid of the bees in my neighbor’s yard, I might as well embrace them and let them do their thing. Isolating them to a certain part of the yard seems to be a better option than having them fly around everywhere like crazy trying to find a good flower. All I did was buy two packs of Texas Wildflower seed mix and sprinkle it over the soil and I was done. We’ve had pretty good success with the “easy grow” flower seed mixes before so I’m not too worried. I did feel a little bad about having to chop down the pine tree. UGH! It had to come down and even now the trunk and roots are still chilling in the ground. It will be a while before we can dig up the whole thing. Then we used Chubs’ running trail to our advantage by planting the beautiful citrus trees along the side of our bottom deck. I am so excited for these trees to start producing fruit! Oh and I also picked up some herbs from the local Blue which I have not planted yet because of the dogs. I can’t keep the dogs from picking leaves off all of my herbs and spitting them out randomly through the yard. I caught Sookie eating my citronella plant the other day and now I’m just waiting for her to get sick.

So now that the garden in the back is mostly complete we can get started on the kitchen. It’s time to pick out tiles, cabinets, appliances, and whatever else goes into a kitchen. Time to penny pinch…

(Enjoy Marla basking in the dried grass of January…)