The Second Attack

By on March 9, 2017

We have won the rat battle, however, the war is far from over. Since the rats were here our dogs have taken a brutal beating from the fleas that were introduced to our household. I’ve tried pills, collars, sprays, shampoo, essential oils, and almost anything you can think of but they just will not go away. I cannot remember the last time my dogs even had fleas let alone an infestation of them. The blankets have been washed multiple times and still I find the little jerks jumping and biting my ankles. I’m thankful that no one else in the house is getting bitten by these pests but boy are my ankles chewed up. It’s like insects and pests single me out! (Don’t get me started on how bees want to crash land in my ears all the time.) The poor dogs are miserable…especially Sookie because of all her fur. I even shaved her down and she was so happy to let me do that because she just sat there calmly while I ran the clippers over her golden coat. And it’s been raining off and on for the past couple of days so bathing them has been out of the question. Today I think I’m going to try some bag balm on the bald spots and hope their fur grows back. Poor babies.