Exploring Goose Island State Park’s Big Tree

By on March 29, 2017

We have been traveling to Rockport, Texas for many years now and not once have we stopped to visit The Big Tree. Over the weekend we decided to take a small trip to Goose Island State Park to explore. The drive on the main road through the park is absolutely serene. We like to drive the full circle and enjoy the scenery. At the end of the loop (or beginning, depending on which road you started on) you will come to a quaint parking lot just in front of The Big Tree. A short path takes you directly to the magnificent tree in the center of a fenced area. As you a approach there is a plaque that reads:

I am a live oak tree and I am very old. I have seen spring return more than a thousand times. I can remember hundreds of hurricanes, most I’d rather forget, but I withstood. There was a big fire once. I hate fires.

Around me are my offspring. We are an old-dune woodland community. We provide shelter and acorns for squirrels, jays, raccoons, bobwhite, deer, javelina, and most other members of our community.

For most of my life I belonged only to myself. Now I belong to you, or so I’m told. Humpf! Branch breakers and root tramplers the lot of you.

Some years ago someone came and patched my cracks, trimmed my dead branches, killed my pests and healed my fungus rots. Was that you? I’m feeling much better, thank you.

I am tired now. You may leave me in peace when you are ready to go. Please leave my home as you found it. I have important things to do. The seasons are changing again and I must get ready.

You can follow a graveled path around The Big Tree to see it in its entirety. If you look closely in the nearby foliage, behind the tree, you will see a light trail leading away, but be very careful! The white flowers are beautiful to look at, however, I was told if you touch them it is worse than poison ivy. ┬áIf you decided to wander off, please be cautious. Make sure you wear the appropriate clothing for off trail exploring. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy this lovely piece of nature. It has been here a very long time…

Try these fun suggestions while admiring The Big Tree…

  • a nice picnic under the other oak trees
  • take a nap in the cool shade
  • bird watching
  • rest or read a book on one of the many benches
  • take a photo with the large surrounding trees
  • meditate or do yoga
  • change your perspective by looking up (trust me…you will be amazed)