Paranormal Experience #2

By on April 26, 2017

Since moving into this house we (mostly I) have experienced more paranormal activity than usual. I feel as if I have always been a sort of lightening rod for strange things…and most bugs. In my last paranormal experience post I shared my story about the mysterious hand print in the downstairs shower. Now I have been cleansing the house every Friday and this last Friday I forgot. I hopped in the shower like normal and I remember thinking that nothing has happened recently and I even forgot to cleanse the house. Towards the end of my shower, after rinsing, I look up and see the small hand print right above the knob. Again, the placement of the hand print was in an unusual spot. I know for a fact that I did not touch the back shower wall for any reason. So, I turned off the water and got out as fast as I could. Howard and I discussed it for a little bit and then carried on with our night.


Howard pulled out some more cabinets in our kitchen. That night it was colder than normal because we now have holes and exposed walls where the sheetrock was falling apart. So basically the air is being forced through the holes in the kitchen making everything colder than usual. We were sitting on the couch watching 13 Reasons Why (Another post on how conflicted I was watching that show) and I heard something fall in the kitchen. I remember saying, “What was that?” and Howard, being a smartass, replied, “I don’t know. Go find out. And while you’re up can you make me a bowl of cereal?” We laughed and I never thought of it again. (I should mention that the dogs did not bark.)


A and Howard are downstairs and I was upstairs in the hallway. I was about to open A’s bedroom door when the door to the attic rattled and shook like someone was trying to get out. I tried to convince myself that I just mistakenly heard something else. I placed my hand on the attic door knob and pretended to shake the door. It was the exact sound I had just heard. I quickly finished putting her clothes up and went downstairs. A was halfway up the stairs and Howard was in the living room.


Now on to today. Yes, today. Only a couple of hours ago. This morning A and I were on the couch and I was enjoying (trying to) my coffee when I heard a loud thud outside. For a second it sounded as if the mail carrier dropped a package on the porch. The dogs didn’t bark and usually they bark at everything. It was too early for the mailman. I sat up and looked outside. Nothing. I looked at the dogs and they were alert but just staring at me. I shrugged and went back to the couch. A little later I started putting up clothes and just cleaning up a bit downstairs. A had followed me up stairs and started playing in her room. I walked back downstairs to grab things that needed to go in my closet. When I turned to go back upstairs I heard something fall. I turned around to check and the dogs were alert and just staring at me. I looked in the downstairs bathroom and saw the stool (A uses it to reach the sink) had fallen on the floor. It seemed a bit odd because I propped the stool flat against the wall and it shouldn’t have fallen.  Again I dismissed this and just went upstairs. I’m walking through the hallway and I’m almost at A’s room but I turn around and think to myself, “Let me put this in my closet first before she sees me. Hmm, she sure is quite in her room.” I walked back to the master bedroom (my closet doesn’t have a door, only a tapestry/curtain covering the opening) and pull away the curtain and scream. There is A standing right behind the curtain with the blankest expression on her face. My scream did not phase her one bit. All she said was “Mama, I scare you.” I was frozen for a split second. I replied, “Yes, you did. Now let’s go back to your room.” Still with the blank face she says, “Okay.” and walks past me headed for her room. I felt fear. Fear ran through my entire body and I only regained composure on my next heart beat. Shortly after I told Howard and he was definitely creeped out. Later on A needed to use the “big girl potty” and so after she washed and dried her hands she went to close the bathroom door. I always help her because it’s an old door that doesn’t shut properly. She pushed the door behind her and walked away. I caught the slow moving door and just start to push it close and the thing slammed shut. I’m talking out of my hands and slammed shut. I jumped and looked at A who wasn’t phased at all. She was just standing next to the baby gate waiting to be picked up.