Paranormal Experience #3

By on May 4, 2017

I wouldn’t say the paranormal happenings have increased, but a few little things here and there make me wonder. A has been requesting to go to The Big Tree more frequently and I honestly don’t mind. However, on one of our trips she kept giggling and saying, “Where are you ghost?”. I thought it was cute at first and slowly I became a little uneasy. In our latest video she can be heard saying, “I gotta find the ghost!” and then “Where are you, ghost?” as I walk around and film. At home she has said things like, “But Mama…the monster.” (not plural, just one.) and I tell her not to worry that there aren’t any monsters. This has happened a few times when I put her down for her afternoon nap. And recently she has woken up screaming after only being asleep for 25 minutes. I’ve run in there before and she would be flat on her back with just a sad face on. She wasn’t crying. I asked her if something scared her and she nodded. It only took a few pages of a book and she was back to sleep for another 30 minutes.

Once we were down stairs and she  randomly said, “Oh, it’s Spooky Pooky.” and then kept on playing. That’s her way of saying something is scary. She has looked at the foyer doors before and said, “Mama, you see it?” and I looked and saw nothing. I know she’s seen Nightmare Before Christmas plenty of times, but from what I’ve observed she smiles and laughs like she’s enjoying it. The only things that seem to frighten her are the shop vac and the lawn mower because of how loud they are. For the most part I keep calm and assure her nothing is out to get her and there are no monsters. I never correct A about seeing a ghost or “spooky pooky” because I totally believe her. Whatever A saw was real to her and that’s okay. Like I said before, nothing has felt threatening so far except for the bugs. Ugh. We may have paranormal activity going on in the house but I’m definitely prepared…somewhat.