Kitchen Renovation Update

By on June 13, 2017

Where do I begin? At the start of everything we knew our kitchen was going to be the largest renovation project. We prepared our budget and left room for unexpected costs. The cabinets were order weeks ago and along the way we were purchasing more appliances and materials. Our tile was a custom order so we knew it would take some time to come in. We never got a call about the tile being ready for pick up so we went up to Lowe’s. I asked around and found out the tile had been sitting in the warehouse for a while. We took it home that day just to avoid dealing with the free delivery. When we picked up the tile I also placed an order for the last cabinet we needed. I figured since everything was being delivered to our house we could bundle that cabinet in with the rest of the order. I pushed the order back another week because we ordered more appliances which could have been bundled with the cabinet delivery. Turns out that the appliances aren’t ready and will be delivered at a later date. Friday we get a confirmation about the delivery on Saturday and all seems good. Saturday evening rolls around and we still haven’t received a call about delivery. Howard drives up to Lowe’s around 6:30 pm and asks about our cabinets. The person in charge of deliveries said the Lowe’s truck broke down and three people’s deliveries were not made. He assured Howard the delivery would be made Sunday. Now, you would think a company would place those three customers at the front of the line as a courtesy gesture. No. Sunday we’re waiting for a call in the morning about the cabinets and…nothing. Again, we pack up our daughter and head over to Lowe’s to find out what’s going on. We were told it was going to be delivered some time on Sunday. The day goes by and around 2 pm Howard calls Lowe’s to check the status of the cabinets. Howard finally gets hold of a manager and that person says they will call the driver and see what’s going on and they will call back. Two hours later Howard is done with all the yard work, A is sleeping, and we haven’t heard anything. This time I call Lowe’s. I get a manager right away and he’s fumbling through our conversation trying to figure out what’s going on. I told him the whole story in a nutshell and come to find out they never loaded our cabinets in the truck. The cabinets were still sitting in the warehouse…never to be delivered at all. I almost lost it. I told the manager (in the same voice I use for my child when I’ve had enough), “I want you to have them ready in the lumber department for pickup. I am coming to get them right now.” and he responded, “Yes ma’am. I’m going to take 10% off the order too.” (It’s really not that much…don’t let them fool you.) I sent Howard to go pick up the cabinets (3 trips) and we unloaded them in our kitchen. After pulling them out of the cardboard boxes we realized Lowe’s forgot to give us the toe kick plates and fillers! Ugh. Get. Your. Shit. Together.

I would say that I’m over Lowe’s, but they just so happen to be the most convenient store around. I have my appliances coming soon so we will see how that goes. Irritated.