By on October 7, 2017

The hurricane is gone and we are left with pieces to pick up. Our story isn’t dramatic or entertaining, but it is real. We did evacuate for Hurricane Harvey and we did come back to a damaged house. There are so many others who have nothing left and I stand/sit/sleep here feeling incredibly thankful. However, it has been over a month and we still haven’t heard much from insurance. I wonder if others are going through the same or maybe even worse. I’m sure.

As the fall season rolls in, I’d like to keep hope that the weather will also drop. See, we still have absolutely no AC in the house (thank you top deck railing for spearing my AC unit) and it’s pretty darn humid. Soon the leaves will fall off our remaining trees and cover our dead grass. There are no pumpkins in our front yard. I will not buy candy because there will be no trick or treaters this year. Everything seems to be a bit more sad this time around Halloween. We only just got internet the other day. Most of my posts will come from my phone.