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Post Hurricane Harvey

By on October 8, 2017

The hummingbirds are hungry this morning. I read somewhere that a number of them were killed by the arrival of Hurricane Harvey. That didn’t seem to affect the survivors with picking up where they left off. Maybe we can learn to be as strong.

I have been without a computer for sometime after the hurricane so updates have been pretty nonexistent. We found out there was a hurricane headed our way and since it was only supposed to be a Category 1 we decided to stay. The preparations were made and we were all stocked up on supplies. Then our police department issued a mandatory evacuation. I have never been told to leave for a hurricane before so I didn’t have a plan. Howard and I grabbed our bags and packed as fast as we could. I literally scooped an armful of A’s clothes and tossed them in her backpack. Shortly after the mail carrier stopped by and I asked her if she thought the hurricane would be that bad. She told me her whole route had already evacuated and she was headed out. At that point I realized we needed to leave as soon as possible. We packed and tried to leave so fast we almost forgot Marla. Oops!

The road lead us to Houston which ended up in Harvey’s path as well. There were days of news coverage for both of my cities and I couldn’t seem to pull my eyes away. I spent hours trying to get ahold of neighbors to find out if I still had a home. I even reactivated all my social media accounts just to get through. Finally, some amazingly kind people drove by and took pictures. Thankfully our house was still standing and a beautiful sight it was! The next day we planned a route to get us out of Houston and to Austin. There were flooded streets and neighborhoods as we tried to find an entrance to the freeway. We were able to find an opening where it looked like someone had moved a barricade to access the entrance ramp. There were a few flooded spots but overall we managed to make it to Austin unscathed. Or so we thought…one of my new tires was losing air steadily. We made it to Austin and sure enough I had a flat tire by morning. I guess I must have driven over a nail at some point. A few days in Austin and one new tire later the whole family was back home.

Outside our house there were signs of a major hurricane. Our whole fence was down, the back deck railing flew off and hit our meter and speared the A.C. unit. One of our big live oak trees in the backyard uprooted and then fell back into place, but not without damaging our shed roof. We lost a small tree or two in the front yard. Things seemed minimal inside until a few days later. We then became aware of how much of a hit our old house secretly took. Howard and I walked the house and started to notice bubbling paint, standing water lines on the window sills, recessed outlets on walls, and our light fixtures filled with brown water. Two adjusters came out and we still haven’t heard back. Two hours in a FEMA line and all they could give us were numbers to call. I am thankful our house is still standing because I know families who have absolutely nothing left. Knowing that almost every room in my house will need work and hurricane season just started…worries me like crazy, I tell ya.

The hummingbirds. Hummingbirds give me hope. Seeing them use whatever resources left is hopeful. Our community has been amazing. I’m sorry, not just my town but all of the coastal bend cities have been helping each other wherever they can. I love Texas. I don’t think I’ll ever move.


(Edit: This entry was handwritten September 12, 2017 and as of today we still have not heard back from insurance despite multiple calls and promises of further information when able to be provided. What does a person do? Do we risk the last of our money on getting construction started? What happens if insurance decides what we lost isn’t as valuable as we know it to be? I’m sure everyone goes through this but that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it just because it’s part of the process.)

(In the video you can hear the helicopters flying around transporting supplies and aid. This is real.)


October 7, 2017

November 3, 2017

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    October 11, 2017

    Hello Summer and family…
    I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. I know firsthand the feeling of loss as well as your despair. As far as your insurance issues… we had to go above our claim adjusters head and directly deal with his supervisor. Things got accomplished after the fact. However, none of our innards of our RV were covered. Other than the few things we grabbed before fleeing, everything else was a loss 🙁 It took Liberty Mutual just about a month before our trailer was up-righted and towed to Copart in Corpus. Upon our arrival at Copart, we were absolutely blown away by the devastation and how little that we felt was safe to recover. It was a lot worse than what we expected to be sure. Let it be know that we are safe and staying here in Boerne as we signed a lease for 13 months. Seeing all the pictures and videos (media) don’t do any justice until seeing the devastation first hand. All in all? What a bummer this experience has been. I’ll quit rambling for the time being. On a side note… The hummingbirds are absolutely amazing. You are absolutely right about that 🙂 Nature is a marvelous thing and can teach those who pay attention to it many wonderful things. Bless you all. You are in our thoughts.

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      November 3, 2017

      I am so sorry to hear about your RV damage! Thank you for your kind words and I hope you are well now.