Paranormal Experience #4

By on November 3, 2017

I have another paranormal experience update! There are a few short and separate occasions to talk about and you are going to love it! I thought the strange things had completely stopped until recently when everything picked back up.

It was a few weeks ago and I happened to look into the backyard and see our shed door was open. It was windy that day but not enough to blow open a closed door. Jokingly I took snap of the door and sent it to my cousin and Howard. My cousin replies back saying there was something in the doorway that looks like a dog. I opened the picture back up and sure enough I saw it. I honestly didn’t see it the first time because I was so focused on the door just being open.



This past Wednesday night I was taking a shower and when I bent over to shave my left leg I noticed it was bleeding. Not just a speck of blood…this looked like I fell and busted my knee open. I quickly rubbed my knee a few times to wash off the blood and I couldn’t find the cut. There was just clean skin after I rinsed my leg. I hadn’t started shaving that leg so I know I didn’t cut myself shaving. This freaked me out so much I didn’t shave that leg. I quickly finished the rest of my shower and got out of that bathroom.

Another time Howard called me into the same bathroom and asked if I placed the bottles on the sink counter the same way. I told him no I didn’t because I hadn’t been in the bathroom for a while. Everything on the sink counter was turned backwards with the label facing the wall and lined up perfectly like dominoes.

Yesterday I was looking out the front windows just because it was a nice day. The mailbox opened and closed twice. I did not see it happen but there was no mistaking that it came 10 feet from my left. The dogs freaked out and started barking like crazy. There was no wind. The mailman had not stopped by because I am looking straight ahead at the sidewalk and there wasn’t a soul on our street.


November 22, 2017