Snowball Effect

By on November 22, 2017

The snowball effect is when something small starts to build up on itself and become larger and more serious, right? Maybe that’s just life right now because boy do I have some stories. It obviously started with Hurricane Harvey and as that snowball rolled it picked up all kinds of bad luck along the way. The past months have included the following:

  • No AC
  • Mold from leaking windows
  • Tons of mosquitoes
  • Four nails in tires
  • Negligent nurses/doctor
  • Barking dogs
  • Foundation problems
  • Rat problems
  • Fly problems
  • Squirrel problems
  • Termite problems
  • Bee problems
  • Insurance struggle
  • Contractor delays

I can’t make this stuff up. I really can’t. Most of the situations had me saying, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? RIGHT NOW?” and then talking myself out of banging my head on the wall. We haven’t had air conditioning in our house since the end of August. And while some people may not see how big of a deal that is, trust me, in Texas you definitely need it. The lack of circulation in the house has caused molding near some windows. I’m afraid to see what’s really behind the walls. The dance of rain and heat has contributed to the swarms of mosquitoes outside my front door. While driving around town both of our vehicles sustained tire damage due to nails and shrapnel. Our daughter had to get three shots because the nurse and doctor at the last clinic never administered them. The dogs bark and whine all day because of the rats. The rats and termites have chewed up part of the foundation on our home. The rats are eating the poison and dying in our walls and bringing flies. Oh the flies. I am sick of the flies. Too many flies. We discovered at squirrel in the attic as well. I swear I live in a zoo. Our neighbor has a live beehive in his house. When I go to get in the car I have to crawl through the passenger side. Our daughter has been stung once and the pest control guy was stung while treating the outside of our house. The city will not help. The neighbor pretends not to know English and ignores me. The insurance company likes to drag its feet. The contractor can’t start on the house until we can put half down. My goodness this has been some pretty bad luck. There’s more…I’m just tired.