Hurricane Harvey Renovation Update

By on December 13, 2017

Okay, so three months since Hurricane Harvey and we’re still having problems.Thankfully we finally have a date(ish) to when our contractor can start working on our house. Hello January 8, 2017, you cannot get here soon enough. I guess the good thing out of this is insurance is finally responding to our calls and emails. We will finish out the year and holidays in this house and who knows what will happen later. I love this house, I really do, but I cannot allow my daughter to live like this. We’ve got a few plans ready to execute depending on our different situations regarding the renovations. Things could go so many ways it’s hard to predict what our life will be like the next few months to years. I think there have been talks of living in a RV for a while as the construction work carries on through the next year. I  don’t know what to prepare for exactly but I hope we can get through it all.