Do Ladybugs Bite?

By on January 10, 2018

This morning I woke up with bites on my arm and a group of ladybugs just chilling on the ceiling above me. Do ladybugs bite? Will I turn into a ladybug? I’ll give it sometime before I donate all my clothes. I read somewhere that ladybugs mark your house so they know to stop by next winter. That’s definitely true because as I type this that group of ladybugs is slowly growing one at at time. I still think ladybugs are super cute and all. My only problem with them is that I don’t want them eating my flesh while I sleep. Thankfully the french doors have finally been sealed up so no more critters will be sneaking inside at night.

After all this time, we are finally on track for demo and remodeling. Insurance was a joke in getting us the amount of money for the damage done to our house. I see more arm wrestling in our future because we’re not settling on this tiny check they tossed our way. Now we’re at the part where everything downstairs is going to be cleared out and we will be living upstairs in the bedrooms and attic. Once the workers are done with downstairs we will do a switch and we will bring everything downstairs to live for a few weeks. I’m not sure how long this will all take but I’m ready to live in a completed house already. A and I just want to enjoy our books by the fire….that’s all.