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The Ship: Book Review

By on January 22, 2018

The Ship, written by Antonia Honeywell, is one hard book to find an honest review on. Sure there are ones on Goodreads but I was in search of someone on Youtube to explain this book to me. I thought maybe I was missing a key part in The Ship because of how fast I breezed through. The writing wasn’t bad, I just couldn’t get into the main character at all.

***ALWAYS SPOILERS*** This novel is about a girl named Lalla being brought up in a dystopian world. Her father gathers a select 500 people to board his ship and sail away from all destruction. Early on Lalla’s mother is killed and almost all memory of her is forced to be forgotten. Lalla spends her time on the ship sulking an trying to figure out why everyone is okay with forgetting their past.

I wish I could add more to the summary but that’s pretty much all I got from the book. At the beginning when Lalla’s mother was killed I figured the father hired someone to do it. I didn’t know that was supposed to be the big shocker at the end!!! I thought this book was going to go a whole different way and there was going to be more excitement. Nope. I get the dramatic ultimatum ending but for me the whole book seemed too “My-Time-Adjusting-To-Cult-Life” themed. The “ship” is essentially the “New World” and Lalla has trouble accepting that concept. She wants to sail to land and start her new family but everyone is convinced (brainwashed) that it’s a bad idea. This book left the reader with an ending that hinted at a possible sequel and I certainly hopes it’s more climactic. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars because the concept was interesting.

And who at Harper’s Bazaar reviewed this book and was quoted saying, “will send shivers up your spine”…..(Insert confused look)